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We understand just how difficult when you need to meet your project milestones, especially if your budget is tight and deadlines getting ever closer.

Which is why a key part of our job is making sure you get the skills, experience and engineering mindset needed to meet your delivery deadline with no compromise on quality.

Whether deputing engineers to uplift your project, or taking on responsibility for a complete project on or off-site, we’ll do our best to ensure that not only will you complete your project on time, it’ll be done with the right degree of engineering excellence at a cost you can manage.

The right tools for the job

With computer aided design and engineering, the software tools you use help to give you the edge. We use the most advanced industry adapted tools available for reliable design and analysis, and have experience of bespoke applications within the world’s leading automotive and aerospace companies.

How we work
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engineering services coventry

Engineering: How Affluent can help

Affluent Technology, Automotive and Aerospace Engineering, IT and SAP Development


New technologies in the automotive sector related to powertrain and body technology are providing exciting engineering challenges for the industry. From integrated body control systems to hybrid fuel systems, we can help you design the vehicles of tomorrow.

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Environmental trends, such as reducing noise, improving fuel efficiency and weight reduction, keep the sector under pressure to innovate, within an environment of financial pressure. Our cost effective expertise can help you stay competitive.


Affluent engineers making a difference

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