Free Guide: The 3 Worst Mistakes in Outsourcing

And how smart managers avoid them

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When we meet with clients for the first time, there is one thing almost all of them say:

“We just can’t find the right engineers for our project.”

It’s true. Highly skilled, specialised engineers are hard to find in the UK today. And when you’re already committed to a project and need to hit deadlines, it’s harder still. It’s tough enough winning the project in the first instance, and many clients tell us they’ve tried traditional approaches without success. As a result, they’ve missed deadlines,overrun budgets and even under-delivered on projects.

Read on to discover the three biggest mistakes most Business Managers make when trying to solve their resourcing issues, and why those approaches often fail…


  • The 3 worst mistakes in outsourcing and how smart managers avoid them

  • Why outsourcing is ideal for specialist projects

  • How to manage your costs upfront and remain within your budget